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Teeth Whitening
Silver Spring, MD

Close up of women's teeth before and after teeth whitening at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group in Silver Spring, MDIf your teeth are tarnished by unsightly stains and discolorations, then you may feel like you need to hide your smile from the world. Your self-esteem may start to suffer, and you may find that you are having problems forming interpersonal relationships or even advancing at work. A beautiful, healthy smile says so much about a person, but when your teeth are dingy and yellowed, it can say things that may not reflect well upon you. Nobody should have to endure the shame and embarrassment of unattractive stains on their teeth, which is why we here at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group are pleased to offer in-office tooth whitening to our patients to help them improve their confidence and feel comfortable with their smile once more.

What Do I Need to Know About Tooth Whitening?

Nothing can take its toll on your confidence quite like unattractive stains on your teeth. When your teeth are blemished with stains and discoloration, you may feel as though you are not presenting your best face. You may feel tempted to run out to the nearest big-box store to pick up a tooth whitening kit. Before you do that, please know that these kits can be dangerous at worst and ineffective at best. They can contain bleaching agents that are not regulated. They can also cause harsh chemical burns on your gums and, to make it worse, they may not even whiten your teeth at all.

When your teeth are stained, we advise that you schedule an appointment with us right away. One reason that we advise this is because your discoloration may be a clue of an underlying condition. We will carefully check your oral health during your appointment to rule out any infection or other problems.

For instance, some patients may seem like their teeth are stained or yellow, but it is actually due to their enamel wearing away, exposing their dentin. Stains on your teeth may also be a sign that you have active tooth decay, which we can address and treat. We will also perform cleaning of your teeth during your exam, which can help remove any superficial stains before we whiten them.

Over-the-counter kits are vastly inferior to the products we use in our office. We have access to professional grade dental bleach, which is usually made of high-quality and stronger peroxide. We also can apply the bleach to your teeth in our office, preventing it from getting on your gums. This can prevent pain and sensitivity to your gum tissue. When we whiten your teeth, we can assure you that you will get exceptional results that last. After your appointment with us, we may also send you home with custom-fitted trays so that you can continue your whitening progress at home. This will help you get continuous results after your in-office whitening with us.

To Get a Beautifully White Smile, Call Us Today

It is absolutely understandable to want to have beautiful, white teeth. It is only human to want to feel confident and attractive when you smile, after all! If you are embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth due to stains or discoloration, please give us here at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group a call at (301) 585-0400 to learn more about how in-office tooth whitening can benefit you or to schedule your appointment with us today!
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Teeth Whitening Silver Spring, MD | Metropolitan Dental Group
We are pleased to offer in-office tooth whitening for our patients to improve their confidence and feel more comfortable with their smile! Give us a call today!
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