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Silver Springs, MD

Patient in dental chair listening to dental assistant at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group in Silver Spring, MDIf you ever found yourself in a situation where you had lost a tooth and need a replacement for it, then you need the care of a prosthodontist. Derived from the Latin root words for prostho, which means replacement, and dontics, which means teeth, we are the specialists you turn to when you have sustained tooth loss and need an attractive and reliable replacement for a missing tooth.

However, we cannot be shoehorned into just a narrow niche. We have taken three extra years of study, giving us the knowledge to address a wide variety of dental issues that can affect the teeth and jaw. We here at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group can treat many different oral conditions, including tooth loss, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, and even aesthetic concerns that can arise due to congenital oral defects.

What is Prosthodontics and What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

Saying that we only address and treat missing teeth would be a gross underestimation of what we do – we do so much more than that! However, helping patients who have lost a tooth is a large part of what we do for our patients, and we take great pride in restoring the smiles and confidence of our patients who have lost a tooth.

The fact is, tooth loss is extremely common. Nearly 78 percent of all American adults have at least one missing tooth, and of that group, 40 million of them are missing all of their teeth. These are no small numbers, and finding reliable and attractive prosthetics for missing teeth is a job that we take very seriously. Missing teeth are not only a problem that can negatively impact your appearance, but it can cause problems with your bite force, pain when you bite and chew, and even future tooth loss if your remaining teeth start to shift into the opening left behind by your missing teeth.

Some of the more common types of dental restorations that we fit our patients with include dental implants, dentures, bridges, and partials. Tooth loss can arise from many different problems, such as tooth decay, injury, and genetics, and we can help come up with a specific treatment for your dental loss. If you are looking for something removable and not permanent, you may be a good candidate for a partial or a denture. For something fixed and permanent, we can discuss fixed bridges or Implants with you.

We can also restore teeth that have been damaged or become yellowed or stained. Dental veneers are a great option for patients who are embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth and want a natural-looking and non-invasive way to improve it. Another option that our patients consider is dental bonding, which is also an easy and safe way to restore teeth that have become damaged or stained. Patients who suffer from TMJ disorder also turn to us to help them get relief from the pain associated with this disorder. We may advise surgery, a mouth guard, physical therapy, or medicine to help treat it.

Want To Learn More

If you are curious about learning more about what we as prosthodontists do, or you would like to set up an appointment to discuss the treatment procedures we offer our patients, we would love to meet with you! Please give us here at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group a call at (301) 585-0400 today for more information or to set up your appointment with us!

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