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Digital X-Rays
Silver Spring, MD

Part of our examination, both in preventive medicine and prior to treatment, is taking a closer look at areas that are otherwise hidden using digital radiology images. X-ray technology is an incredible tool and combined with today’s digital machinery, we can access information that is clearer, more advanced and safer for our patients. At Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group, we use digital images because it boosts the work we do and helps our patients have improved oral health by catching the small hidden areas for infection, which can lead to gum disease. We can help you have better health.

Digital x-ray images are a significant leap forward in the information they provide versus the traditional slide format. Today, digital images are:
•  Fast and Easy: The x-ray images captured with digital technology are taken fast and easy. We no longer need chemicals to process or a dark room, the images are captured and ready immediately for viewing.
•  Clear, High Resolution: The images we capture are taken at a very high resolution. This is valuable because it allows us to zoom in to view areas very small, and out to get perspective of the whole area. Traditional slides were tiny and grainy, most patients never really understood what they were looking at, but with digital images the amount of understanding is dramatically higher and helps us explain areas of concern with our patients with much more understanding.
•  Displayed On A Large Screen: Near each chair is a computer screen that we can display the x-ray images on, which is a dramatic change from tiny slides. Having images displayed on a screen helps us explain and educate our patients. We find that the more a patient understands, the better their oral health will be in the future.
•  Less Radiation: X-ray images are captured using radiation, though the amount of radiation used with slide images was an acceptable level according to health professionals, it still made many patients feel uncomfortable. Digital radiology uses about 10% the amount of radiation of traditional slide x-ray images. Just a tiny fraction of what was traditionally used, making it safer than ever before.
Saved Digitally: Digital x-ray images are saved digitally. We no longer have to keep tiny slides loose in a medical folder, we have all of your dental information available with a click of a button. The benefit of this includes easy access and being able to easily share images with other medical professionals when necessary.

When Are Digital X-ray Images Taken?

We take digital radiology images as a preventive measure and before treatment is completed. This includes prior to your annual dental checkup, or one of our many restorative treatments including root canal therapy, or the extraction of a tooth. Digital x-ray images can also be used in surgical planning including the placement of a dental implant prior to the placement of a dental crown or bridge,.the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, or other implant retained devices.
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