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Tooth Filling
Silver Springs, MD

Rendered image illustrating dental fillings from Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group in Silver Spring, MDA dental filling is the most common of all dental restorations. The term, filling, refers to the material used when repairing teeth of damage, most often following the removal of decay. The filling material used today is more durable and strong enough to withstand normal chewing pressure. At Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group, we can help you have restored teeth that will blend in, giving you a healthier and beautiful smile.

In general, a dental filling can be categorized as amalgam or composite. Amalgam is the traditional metal, silver colored fillings that we used more predominantly in years past. It is a highly durable material, but many patients dislike its dark color and inability to blend in with their other teeth.

Composite was traditionally viewed as a less durable option, but the materials and resin used today has made composite filler a much more desirable option. Composite is made up of crushed quartz that is blended with resin. Additionally, composite can be shaded to match your teeth, allowing the repair to be invisible in your mouth.

We can use composite filling material to fill in cavities, cover areas that were damaged from decay, make repairs to teeth that are chipped, close in gaps between teeth, and even resurface intrinsically stained teeth.

Filling Cavities

The most common dental restoration is the removal of decay. A tooth can develop spots of decay from bacteria feeding on sugars in your mouth and then emitting an acid that eats away at the enamel and causes divots. Small areas of decay can be cleaned, cleared of damage and then filled with a filling material. Medium to large areas of damage may require additional support from a dental inlay, onlay or dental crown.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic technique that involves a great materful eye and dental filling material. With filler, we can enhance areas of your teeth and improve your look, including:
•  Close Gaps: We can close the gap between your front teeth by slightly widening the teeth with composite material that is shaded to match and then polished to shine just like your natural teeth.
•  Cover Chips: We can cover chips, including in your front teeth, to hide the damage and perfect the look of your teeth.
•  Fill in Cracks: Teeth can become cracked from regular use. You don’t want bacteria to find its way inside the tooth and cause an infection to develop. We can fill cracks with composite filler.
•  Improve Shape: We can help a misshaped tooth look better and more even with composite filler.
•  Cover Stains: Many stains can be removed through polishing or whitening, but not all. Stains that are intrinsic from fluorosis, medications, or just heavily stained from smoking or coffee, can be covered through resurfacing with composite material.

Having your teeth repaired or enhanced with dental filling material can be a great option that is cost effective while also being a long term solution. For more information on dental fillings, bonding or the materials we use, contact our Silver Spring office at (301) 585-0400.
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At Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group, we can help you have restored teeth that will blend in with tooth fillings, giving you a healthier and beautiful smile!
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