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Single Missing Tooth in Silver Spring, MD

Single Missing Tooth in Silver Spring, MDIf you’re missing a tooth, dental implants with Dr. Kalambayi Kabasela may be your best alternative to a traditional dental bridge.

Dental implants: Dental implants are great for a missing tooth because they look so real. They don’t stand out or look any different from the other teeth in your mouth. And in terms of function, dental implants surpass the conventional dental bridge and dentures because they are surgically implanted into the jaw bone where they actually imitate human tooth roots. Dental implants are a permanent fix that will give your jaw bone the daily stimulation it needs to stay strong and healthy. Unlike dental bridges and dentures, dental implants also keep your facial muscles in good shape so you can eat and
speak freely without any difficulty or embarrassing noise. And they last. Your dental implants will take you through many decades if you take care of them with regular flossing, brushing and checkups.

Removable partial dentures: These appliances are used to replace a missing tooth, but they can feel bulky and uncomfortable to some patients. The artificial teeth are fixed in a gum-colored base, which patients fasten to the gum line with little metal clips. Removable partial dentures have a 30 percent failure rate and must be replaced in five to se
ven years.

Fixed partial dentures: This appliance is also called a three unit bridge. Fixed partials are placed between two of your own teeth, which are called abutments. The abutments must be grinded down before the dental bridge is placed. This harms the natural teeth to some degree, leaving them open to damage and decay. This type of dental bridge also stresses the jaw bone. This tooth replacement also has a 30 percent failure rate and needs replacing often.

Dental implants may be the better solution to replace your missing tooth and complete your smile. Call Dr. Kabasela and see if dental implants are right for you.

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