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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost? in Silver Spring, MD

If you are missing teeth, you are probably thinking, how much do dental implants cost? The answer depends on several factors, but for most patients, dental implants from Dr. Kalambayi Kabasela’s dental practice in Silver Spring, MD are a sound investment that can end up being cheaper than other treatments in the long run. Dentures and bridges may cost a little less the first time around, but they also have a much higher failure rate and can lead to problems that require spending additional money on replacements and more dental work.

To determine how much dental implants cost in Silver Spring, MD, consider the following:

1. How many dental implants do you need?

Dental implant cost increases with the number of implants you need. More dental implants require more time and materials. If you are missing many or all of your teeth, bone density issues are likely to be a factor, too. Dr. Kabasela will then need to spend time finding areas where bone density is best.

2. Do you have bone loss?

Dental implant cost also depends on how much bone you have left in the jaw area because dental implants require bone to function. The more bone you have, the less your dental implant cost is. If you are missing a lot of bone, Dr. Kabasela may do a bone graft first, which will increase how much dental implants cost.

3. What type of dental implants are you getting?

Dental implant cost can vary according to the type of procedure you need. Regular dental implants cost differently than implant supported dentures and All-on-4 Implants.

4. Will you need a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is sometimes needed before getting dental implants, which is a separate treatment that will affect how much dental implants cost.

5. Is there gum disease?

Patients with gum disease are likely to need treatment before getting dental implants. This will also affect how much dental implants cost. Early stage gum disease treatment usually costs less than treatment for more advanced stages. Either way, it’s money well-spent because if left untreated, gum disease can cause serious health problems.

6. Do you need to have any teeth pulled or are all your teeth already missing (edentulous)?

Sometimes patients need to have one or more teeth extracted before getting dental implants. This is a separate procedure that will affect how much dental implants cost. Patients who are missing all of their teeth but have adequate bone may get implants placed right away. If not, a bone graft might be necessary, which will also affect how much dental implants cost.

So, how much do dental implants cost? It’s different for everyone. Please call Dr. Kabasela’s dental practice in Silver Spring MD today for a personal consultation.

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