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Dental Implants in Silver Spring, MD
Introduction to Dental Implants Silver Spring, MD
Many people have missing teeth. As many as 70 percent of adults are missing a single tooth by age 44 and about 25 percent of adults age 74 and older have lost all of their teeth due to gum disease, injuries and tooth decay. If you have missing teeth, talk to Dr. Kalambayi Kabasela about dental implants. Dental implants are as close to real teeth as you can get and are supported by more than 50 years of research, making them the preferred choice for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants are favored over traditional dentures and bridges because traditional appliances come with concerns and hassles, including:

  • Bone Loss. Dentures sit on the gum line and never make contact with the bone, which eventually causes it to deteriorate.

  • Dentures become instable. When bone breaks down, the facial muscles also become weak and start to droop. When that happens, dentures lose their support and move around. Talking and chewing becomes difficult and noisy.

  • Bridges are hard on teeth. Dental bridges are wearing on the teeth they need for support because they have to be grinded down. Teeth that are grinded down are weaker and more prone to damage.

Dental implants For Missing Teeth

Dental implants by Hyattsville Prosthodontist Dr. Kabasela for missing teeth may be a better replacement option. Dental implants are also suitable for patients who want to replace or reinforce the bridges and dentures they already have.

  • Dental implants with Hyattsville Prosthodontist Dr. Kabasela look very natural and they work just like human teeth too.

  • The titanium in dental implants is very friendly to the body so it blends easily with the jaw bone (osseointegration) to stimulate it and keep it healthy the same way human tooth roots do.

  • Chewing and speaking is also worry-free with dental implants. No embarrassing clicks or slips.

  • Dental implants from Dr. Kabasela last a long time when patients take good care of them.

Are Dental Implants the best Option for your Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are a suitable teeth replacement treatment for most patients, with some exceptions:

  • Dental implants need bone to function. If you have some bone loss, you may need some grafting first.

  • Smoking, certain medications and health conditions may need to be considered before getting dental implants. Nonetheless, patients who have no issues with basic dentistry procedures are often OK to have dental implant, too.

  • If you have periodontal disease, you may need to treat it first to ensure better outcomes with dental implants.

For dental implants in Hyattsville/Silver Spring area, call Dr. Kabasela today for a dental implant consultation.

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